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Friday, January 16, 2009
Hon's Design

Yo peeps!
More notebooks! And files!
And these are seperated from the stationery section,
cause these are HON'S DESIGN files and notebooks!!
(and also because i'm lazy to edit the old post xP)
one of a kind,
and they can't be found in Singapore now!
Cheaper prices too :)
Don't believe it?
Just let me tell you one thing,
he's a great uncle too! You should get our point. ;D
terms and conditions apply. 20% off ORIGINAL price of items.

COMMA ring file
Item code: #191
$4.50 $3.90!

MY TOOLS notebooks

Item code: #192
Available in these colours:
#1 Turqoise background, pink tools notebook (top left of picture)
#2 Red background, silver tools notebook (top right of picture)
#3 Yellow background, silver tools notebook(bottom left of picture)
#4 Silver background, blue tools notebook (bottom right of picture)

$4.50 $3.90 EACH!

Other notebooks...
Email us or tag and provide your email if you wanna get a closer look at the notebooks!
$4.50$3.90 each

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